Rejuvenating Chemical Peels in Utah

What you need to know about our Chemical Peel Services

Chemical peels, in general, are used to exfoliate skin. Peels work by gently dissolving the outer layers of the epidermis. Every chemical peel Utah has to offer varies from ingredients used, the strength of the peel, and PH content of the peel.

The term acid sounds a little intimidating, but the acids are derived from natural ingredients. The most common are alpha hydroxy acids. Glycolic acid, which comes from sugar cane, lactic acid (milk), citric (citrus fruit), tartaric (grapes), malic (apples), mandelic (bitter almonds). We also use a beta hydroxy acid, Salicylic acid, which is derived from willow bark.

With these peel ingredients, we can soften fine lines, firm and even out skin tone, reduce skin dullness, hyperpigmentation, and help treat conditions like rosacea and acne. After the peel is applied, the outer skin cells are dissolved. Some peels feel itchy or warm, depending on your sensitivity level, and typically are only left on the skin for a few minutes. It takes a few days for those cells to flake off and your skin appears smoother and brighter.

Once the peel is applied, your skin cells kick into overdrive to produce new, healthy skin cells. Usually, the skin is done peeling or flaking after 5-7 days. A series of 3 to 6 chemical peels (depending on the peel) is recommended to achieve optimal results. If you’re looking to smooth out rough texture or brighten dull skin, you may be satisfied with 1 to 3 peels two weeks apart.

If you’re looking to target hyperpigmentation or conditions like acne, you will most likely be satisfied with 6 peels, 2 weeks apart. Our chemical peel in Utah is enhanced with the proper at-home skincare, as well. Adding a retinol to your regimen will continue your collagen synthesis (skin cell renewal). And sunscreen is a must! You will have heightened sun sensitivity, and NEED to protect those new skin cells.

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