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Want more defined abs, toned thighs, and tighter buttocks? Make an appointment at Clarity Skin medical spa of Draper, Utah, for a CoolTone body contouring treatment, and get ready to show off your newly toned body at the beach, poolside, or anywhere!

Who Should Get CoolTone?

When you work out, you expect results. It’s only fair. Unfortunately, life isn’t always fair, and sometimes hard work does not pay off the way you expect it to. Luckily, with CoolTone treatments from our med spa, you can rectify this unfairness and get the look you deserve.

But what if you don’t have time to work out? Everyone is busier than ever today, and it’s challenging to find time to fit workouts into your day. CoolTone can help you look firmer and more toned, even if you’re skipping workouts.

Both men and women are candidates for CoolTone treatments. The men we see in our Utah medical spa most often seek CoolTone treatments to help define and reveal their abs. Women do the same, but they also seek treatment to firm and tone their buttocks and thighs as well.

How CoolTone Works

CoolTone improves how your body looks by enhancing your muscle tone. It does this through a process called magnetic muscle stimulation. The procedure is noninvasive, so there are no scars, no healing period and you don’t have to take time off from work or exercising.

When you come into our Draper med spa for a CoolTone appointment, your technician places the wands on the area you want to strengthen and tone. You don’t have to do anything but lie there and let it work. Most treatments take 30 minutes. The treatment is not painful, but you may experience some mild soreness after your first few sessions, much like you would if you were starting a new workout at the gym.

How Is CoolTone Different from CoolSculpting?

Both CoolTone and CoolSculpting are developed by the same company, but that’s about all they have in common. CoolSculpting targets areas of stubborn fat on the body that won’t budge, despite exercise and weight loss. It’s called CoolSculpting because it freezes your fat cells, which then die and disappear.

CoolTone treatments don’t target fat; they improve muscle tone in your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

That’s why some of our clients opt for both CoolSculpting and CoolTone. These two treatments work well in tandem, with one ridding your body of stubborn fat and the other toning the muscles underneath.

What Our Patients Get from CoolTone

Our patients — who come from Draper, Salt Lake City, and throughout Utah — have similar goals. They want to be able to wear a two-piece swimsuit with confidence. They want to look good for their honeymoon. They want to firm up post-childbirth. They’ve lost weight and they just need a little extra help with toning.

Regardless of your treatment goals, if you’re a good candidate for CoolTone, our medical spa can help you achieve them. Call Clarity Skin today to learn more about CoolTone treatments for improved strength and muscle tone.

Clarity skin is my “go to” for all my skin care needs. They have helped my skin keep a youthful glow for several years. They are kind, and very gentle. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Not only are they nice, but they are extremely knowledgeable and up to date on the best practices and procedures for skin care and anti aging. I highly recommend Clarity!🫶🏻
Kathryn B.
Kathryn B.
Heidi is AMAZING! Lymphatic Messages she gave me left me revitalized. I looked forward to seeing her and she helped me tremendously. If you need a lymphatic message I highly HIGHLY recommend her! She knows what she is doing! <3
Masha M.
Masha M.
I've been going to Clarity for over 10 years. Dana and McKenzie are my favorites for any procedure. The entire staff (especially Mitch) are so friendly.
Michelle T.
Michelle T.
Very nice place, warm welcome and very professional