Laser Skin Services


Cutera Genesis

Cutera boosts collagen production to naturally give the skin a youthful, radiant glow. Laser Genesis, an innovative and proprietary treatment, turns back the hands of time by erasing fine lines, shrinking pores, reducing facial redness and helping acne scars fade away. A quick, non-invasive procedure with zero downtime, Cutera is the perfect option for surface skin rejuvenation.


Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction is the ideal solution for banishing unwanted hair from the face, underarms, legs, back, chest and arms. Pulses of concentrated laser light quickly vaporize the hair follicles, providing immediate results. After treatment, you will enjoy silky smooth and stubble-free skin. Even better, this advanced technology helps slow regrowth, substantially reducing the need for shaving, waxing and plucking.



Sublime, a pain-free and non-invasive laser treatment, tightens and contours the skin by promoting the production of new collagen. This procedure targets prominent folds and wrinkles, saggy jowls, droopy eyelids, slouchy brows and loose skin on the neck. After the Sublime treatment, slack areas will appear firmer and more defined, giving the face a more naturally youthful appearance.

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ELOS Skin Rejuvenation IPL

ELOS skin rejuvenation uses advanced laser technology to effectively treat pigmented imperfections and superficial vascular lesions. The non-surgical ELOS treatment gently stimulates collagen production, gradually lightening age spots, freckles and sun-damaged areas. This skin rejuvenation treatment also improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, facial blotchiness and uneven skin texture. The result is a fresher, more youthful appearance.

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ELOS Sublative

Sublative skin resurfacing is a high-tech solution for mild to moderate wrinkles, acne scars and textural irregularities. This advanced treatment kickstarts collagen production in the deep, dermal layers of the skin, wherein lies the key to creating significant change. ELOS Sublative provides dramatic results, giving you smoother, younger-looking skin that will continue to improve over time.

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ELOS Triniti Plus

ELOS Triniti Plus is an anti-aging treatment that packs a powerful punch. This treatment improves the skin tone, contours the face and treats fine lines, wrinkles and textural imperfections in a single session. The procedure, which combines the technologies of ELOS skin rejuvenation, ELOS Sublime and ELOS Sublative, offers immediately visible, long-lasting results.

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Lamprobe is a quick and effective way to address a range of minor skin irregularities. This treatment works for acne lesions, cherry angiomas, clogged pores, cholesterol deposits, fibromas, keratoses and skin tags, along with many other common dermal imperfections. Lamprobe takes just a few seconds to complete and the results are both immediate and impressive.

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Vein Treatment

Spider veins, broken capillaries, dilated blood vessels, small varicose veins and other vascular lesions can disappear with laser therapy. A quick, non-surgical procedure, laser therapy also works to treat rosacea and vascular birthmarks, such as port wine stains. This advanced treatment offers dramatic results, giving the skin a younger and healthier appearance.