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Utah Coolsculpting at Clarity SkinAmong the newer solutions in the field, CoolSculpting is an exciting medical procedure that uses cooling to help eliminate unwanted fat cells in certain areas. At Clarity Skin, we’re among the first wave of cosmetic specialists using these treatments in highly beneficial areas.

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Here are some simple questions about CoolSculpting answered:

  • What is CoolSculpting? Technically known as cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting refers to the use of cooling to destroy fat cells. It is considered a non-surgical procedure, and is often used as an alternative to liposuction. The fat-freezing technology was approved by the FDA in 2010.
  • How Quickly Does CoolSculpting Work? Many patients start to see noticeable results within three weeks after treatments, though the most meaningful and dramatic results will generally come about two months in. However, the body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to six months after the treatment is applied.
  • Are There Risks? CoolSculpting might come with a few minor side effects, including redness, bruising, swelling, tenderness, cramping, itching, tingling or occasionally numbness (this may last for a few weeks). It is FDA-approved and has been proven to be safe and effective, with minimal to no downtime after treatment.
  • How is it Different From Liposuction? As we noted, CoolSculpting is considered a non-surgical procedure. This is in contrast to liposuction, which is a surgical procedure that includes cutting, stitching and the use of anesthesia. Recovery time will be much shorter for CoolSculpting, and it comes without any potential risks associated with a surgical procedure.
  • What Areas of the Body Can CoolSculpting Be Used On? The CoolSculpting machine has applicators in several sizes, each of which can cover a specific area. Areas that can be treated include the chin or neck, love handles, arms, tummy, thighs, or breasts. Speak to your specialist if you’re wondering about treating another area not listed here.

For more information on CoolSculpting, or to learn when it might be right for you, speak to the specialists at Clarity Skin today.

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