Maintaining your Coolsculpting Results

By Corine Young

As a body contouring specialist, I am constantly asked about gaining weight after Coolsculpting.

“What if I gain weight? How should I change my lifestyle? How long will my results last?”

These are all very important questions. Yes, you can gain weight after body contouring. Yes, you can lose your results with a significant weight gain and Yes, it is possible to keep your results forever.

I personally gained weight after my Coolsculpting treatment. I thought that since ¼ of my fat cells were gone, I could eat whatever I wanted and stay slim. After a 13 pound weight gain I was terrified that I had lost my results forever. I learned some amazing things about Coolsculpting because of this.

With my weight gain I still looked better than I had before my treatment. Overall my waist measured larger with my weight gain, but I didn’t have awkward areas where my fat was being stored. I felt like my weight gain distributed equally around my body. I could still wear more form fitting clothing and I wasn’t trying to hide my body like I would have otherwise. After I realized what I had done, I started following a meal plan and lost most of the weight. With weight loss I noticed my treatment results even more. Areas shrunk quicker and I felt even more sculpted. Coolsculpting has released studies showing that results can last forever, as long as life style is maintained.

  • Here are a few simple ways to maintain your results, and to keep yourself on track.
  • Know that your lifestyle needs to be maintained in order to keep your results. If you eat healthy and work out every day, stick to that lifestyle. Don’t allow yourself to make food decisions that you wouldn’t have made before your treatment. Protect your investment.
  • Carbs are not the enemy, if they are the right carbs. Your body needs Carbohydrates in order to fuel itself. Eating a meal that is properly balanced with Fats, Proteins and carbs will not only make you a happier person, but it will allow your body to operate properly. Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa and Brown rice are all healthy choices.
  • Make sure you are not allowing yourself to over eat. Here is a quick portion size guideline that was found on Diet-to-go:
  • Protein- Around the size of your palm
  • Carbohydrates -Around the size of your fist
  • Fat- Around the a small handful
  • These are not exact proportion, but they are an easy, quick reminder.
  • Balanced Body, Located in the same building as Clarity, is a great resource for any additional information. Balanced Body specializes in IV Therapy, Hormone Therapy and weight loss assistance. I personally find the slim shots to be an addicting benefit to the healthy lifestyle I am now living. If you feel like you need additional assistance with meal planning, workouts or hormone therapy, Balance Body is an amazing company to reach out to us.

Coolsculpting is an amazing tool to utilize to help you achieve your goals. Let us girls at Clarity Skin help you along the way.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.