Before & After

  • Fast

    Fewer treatments required.

  • Effective

    Most tattoos removed in 12 months or less.

  • Newest technology available

    Treatment available for more ink colors and skin types.

  • Six treatment packages available

    Most tattoos removed in six or less treatments.

  • Less discomfort than traditional tattoo removal

    Results with less pain.

  • You’ll love our pricing

    Affordable and of the highest quality.

Tattoos are a prevalent concern for many people. Some are looking for a way to express themselves, while others get tattoos for sentimental reasons. Still others get tattoos on a whim.

No matter why people get tattoos, many would prefer to have them removed at some point in their life. Perhaps it is for professional reasons, or maybe you don’t share the sentiments you once did. In fact, according to one survey, more than 50 percent of people who wanted their tattoo removed report the reason being that they simply didn’t like it anymore. Another 18 percent said their tattoo didn’t look good on their body. Whatever the reason, many find themselves wondering if tattoo removal is a realistic option.

Some Numbers to ConsiderPicoway tatto removal draper

36 million Americans have at least one tattoo.
7 million considered removing them, of them only 40 % researches alternatives.

Hear at Clarity Skin, we’ve done our research, and we’ve found that PicoWay is a reliable, effective and affordable way to remove tattoos. The PicoWay technology offers the best results with the fewest treatments for a variety of skin types.

It works by delivering concentrated, high-powered energy to targeted spots on the skin, to break up tattoo pigmentation. The pulses of energy last only a few trillionths of second, or picoseconds. Because they are so short, they only affect the tattoo and not the surrounding skin.

Does It Hurt?

The discomfort is minimal with the procedure. The risks are also minimal. The PicoWay represents the advancements in the medical community regarding tattoo removal. The technology is modern and effective, and well tested.

Is It Worth It?

Be aware that not all tattoo removal technology is the same. At Clarity Skin, we have the latest technology and highly trained staff. This is of course up to the individual, but giving your appearance a fresh new start can mean a lot. Come consult with us about treatment options and choices.