Volbella by Emily

Volbella… My New Favorite Filler!

I love injecting fillers… I love how natural it is. I love the instant results. I love the patient’s reaction when I first hand them the mirror to take a look when I am finished. I love it all. And these days, I am loving Volbella!

Volbella is a soft, smooth hyaluronic acid used to add subtle volume to lips and softens those perioral lines, or “smokers” lines that we all hate. This is a great product for the aging lip, for someone that wants to add some volume they have lost but doesn’t want “big lips”. And it is the perfect product to soften those lines around the lip and mouth! Volbella is a great add on filler too! For a patient that typically uses Juvederm or Voluma for deeper lines and midface lift, volbella helps to polish things off by filling those fine lines that are trickier to treat.

Because of its soft and smooth appearance, I have been using Volbella in the eye trough area as well and have been amazed by the results. Just the other day I had a girl come in who was preparing for her wedding day photos. She has always hated her “sunken in eyes”. I used Volbella in her eye trough and under eye area and the results were amazing! So natural and subtle yet life changing for her! When I handed her the mirror she started to cry because she was so excited! And finally felt like she could do her Bridal Portraits without hating her eyes.

I love Fillers! I love Volbella! And I love making my patients feel confident and good about themselves.

Emily Matheson

The Benefits of Microdermabrasion Treatment

Within the medical spa environment, a number of desired services relate to skin care. At Clarity Skin, we offer services in everything from laser facials to tattoo removal, and one of our skin services remains one of our most popular treatments: Microdermabrasion.

The term may sound ominous, but in fact, microdermabrasion is among the least invasive and most effective skin layer treatments out there. It uses no chemicals and requires no downtime, utilizing a special exfoliation process to remove upper layers of excess skin. Let’s learn about how microdermabrasion can benefit you.

No Pain, No Risk

Microdermabrasion carries no pain, and not even mild discomfort beyond some very mild scratching or stinging during the procedure. Many people describe it as feeling similarly to a deep tissue massage. There’s no anesthesia or sedation involved, meaning you don’t need to arrange for someone to drive you to your appointment. Side effects can very occasionally include some brief swelling or pink skin, and a slightly raised sensitivity to the sun for a few days. There is virtually no risk of infection or complications.

Speed of Treatment

This treatment takes under an hour in most cases, or even less if you’re only treating the neck and not the face. Some people need multiple treatments.

Skin Types

Microdermabrasion is excellent for all skin types. It works for both younger and aging skin, and is great for helping remove sun damage or age spots. People with oily skin or frequent acne can use it as well – it’s good against blemishes. Single uses of microdermabrasion can offer a temporarily great look before a special occasion while treatments over a period of weeks or months continues to rid troublesome breakouts.


From a technical standpoint, there’s no such thing as an unsuccessful microdermabrasion treatment. Some people require more than one to get the desired effects, but there’s basically no evidence of extreme outliers who simply can’t receive any benefits from this treatment. Results are extremely consistent among dermatologists all over the country.

Want to learn more about microdermabrasion, or any of our other medical spa services? The experts at Clarity Skin are standing by.

Maintaining your CoolSculpting results by Corine

Maintaining your Coolsculpting Results
By Corine Young
As a body contouring specialist, I am constantly asked about gaining weight after Coolsculpting.
“What if I gain weight? How should I change my lifestyle? How long will my results last?”
These are all very important questions. Yes, you can gain weight after body contouring. Yes, you can lose your results with a significant weight gain and Yes, it is possible to keep your results forever.
I personally gained weight after my Coolsculpting treatment. I thought that since ¼ of my fat cells were gone, I could eat whatever I wanted and stay slim. After a 13 pound weight gain I was terrified that I had lost my results forever. I learned some amazing things about Coolsculpting because of this.
With my weight gain I still looked better than I had before my treatment. Overall my waist measured larger with my weight gain, but I didn’t have awkward areas where my fat was being stored. I felt like my weight gain distributed equally around my body. I could still wear more form fitting clothing and I wasn’t trying to hide my body like I would have otherwise. After I realized what I had done, I started following a meal plan and lost most of the weight. With weight loss I noticed my treatment results even more. Areas shrunk quicker and I felt even more sculpted. Coolsculpting has released studies showing that results can last forever, as long as life style is maintained.
Here are a few simple ways to maintain your results, and to keep yourself on track.
1- Know that your lifestyle needs to be maintained in order to keep your results. If you eat healthy and work out every day, stick to that lifestyle. Don’t allow yourself to make food decisions that you wouldn’t have made before your treatment. Protect your investment.
2- Carbs are not the enemy, if they are the right carbs. Your body needs Carbohydrates in order to fuel itself. Eating a meal that is properly balanced with Fats, Proteins and carbs will not only make you a happier person, but it will allow your body to operate properly. Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa and Brown rice are all healthy choices.
3- Make sure you are not allowing yourself to over eat. Here is a quick portion size guideline that was found on Diet-to-go:
Protein- Around the size of your palm
Carbohydrates -Around the size of your fist
Fat- Around the a small handful
These are not exact proportion, but they are an easy, quick reminder.
4- Balanced Body, Located in the same building as Clarity, is a great resource for any additional information. Balanced Body specializes in IV Therapy, Hormone Therapy and weight loss assistance. I personally find the slim shots to be an addicting benefit to the healthy lifestyle I am now living. If you feel like you need additional assistance with meal planning, workouts or hormone therapy, Balance Body is an amazing company to reach out to 801-893-3553.
Coolsculpting is an amazing tool to utilize to help you achieve your goals. Let us girls at Clarity Skin help you along the way. 801-571-2040

Microneedling and Its Many Skin Benefits

The field of skin care is constantly advancing, with new treatments to help replace or supplement existing ones, and at Clarity Skin, we’re a step ahead of the curve. One of our most useful skin treatments is called microneedling – a theme used in Europe and around the world for decades, but one that’s just making its way into popular North American dermatology.

Simply, microneedling uses tiny needles to create small wounds, stimulating the body’s natural healing processes in those areas and leading to other benefits. Let’s look at the basics of microneedling.

Microneedling Process

Microneedling takes place when tiny micro-channels, or holes, are created in your skin by placed needles. Your esthetician will target the locations that need repair, and they’ll be very briefly “wounded” by tiny needles. This stimulates the skin’s natural healing, and even helps improve it over time via repetition – it stimulates greater production of collagen and elastin, important chemicals in the skin.

The microneedling repair process begins almost immediately after injections. There is no permanent tissue damage done during this procedure, and it’s notably effective for everything from wrinkles and scars to acne and blemishes.

How Does it Feel?

You hear “needle” and get worried, but microneedling actually doesn’t feel like much of an injection at all. A high-speed motor is what’s being used to make the needle penetration happen, and this motor will cause the process to feel more like sandpaper being lightly rubbed on the skin – uncomfortable, yes, but not extremely painful. Treatments specifically for scarring on the skin may cause slightly more discomfort, as they use longer needles that can invade what’s known as “nerve space.”


Microneedling has few side effects, though you may look like you have a sunburn for anywhere from a few hours to around a week. You may have some very minor bleeding at the point of the injection, though this will likely have stopped by the time you leave the office. You’ll be told to take good care of your skin, using gentle techniques and avoiding products containing acid for at least a week or two.

Want to learn more about microneedling, or any of our other services such as body contouring or laser hair removal? Our experts at Clarity Skin are standing by.