If you have a tattoo that you regret getting, Picoway Resolve may be the answer! Picoway Resolve is a new technology for tattoo removal, pigmented lesions and skin rejuvenation.

Picoway Resolve is a hand-held laser that works by targeting collagen production, something that is lacking in older ages in particular. By producing more collagen, the skin begins to heal itself faster with minimal risk and minimal pain. The laser is the first with holographic fractional technology, which sends energy more evenly for better results.

This technology is revolutionary for tattoo removal because it can remove all colors of ink and works on any age and any skin types. It generally only takes a few treatments and the recovery time is fairly short. Additionally, it is very safe and less painful than other removal options.

“In our experience, the short pulse duration on the PicoWay laser allows us to clear tattoos faster than traditional Q-switched lasers,” said one doctor.

Here at Clarity Skin in Draper, we’ve found the Picoway technology to be the best available for tattoo removal. It works for a broad range of scenarios, and our patients are very happy with the results.

Although some may need more treatments than others to get the desired result, Picoway Resolve is a great option for tattoo removal. It is reliable and safe and generally yields very positive outcomes.

Who Uses Picoway?

Studies show that a large percentage of people who have tattoos would like to have them removed. Some are seeking a place of employment where tattoos aren’t well-accepted. Others simple don’t wish to have the symbols or words on their bodies anymore. Whatever your reason, the Picoway technology represents the modern solution to the problem.